Fall Wishlist

Tuesday, September 4

Here's a list of goodies that I'm dreaming about. I'm thinking pretty and practical...

one: Love this print by Roald Dahl, and would love even more to know where to find it.
two: Now that I'm in the classroom everyday, I've been on the search for some cute knee length skirts.
three: A delicate gold charm bracelet.  This wishbone would be nice.
four: "Don't Sweater It", the perfect neutral pink. 
five: This one's a longshot, but I would kill for an original Herman Miller Eames chair. I might even settle for a knockoff, but it would be even cooler to have the OG.
six: Sick camera bag.


  1. Oh my, that print really is awesome, I'd love to have it! I might make myself a desktop wallpaper with that quote.

  2. The quote is inspiring! We should tell kids this instead of telling them that their face is going to stick like that when they are grumpy. :)


  3. that camera bag is amazing! but I would settle for the skirt gladly!

  4. You'll be one stylish teacher in that skirt for sure. I love the color on it. And it doesn't hurt to wear a wishbone either... you never know when you could use a wish. :)

  5. The quote comes from 'The Twits', quite funny when you read the rest of that book. The giraffes are a random addition when you think of the book. Roly Poly Bird may have been more appropriate. (Not a snob or anything, I think it's lovely, I just teach a Roald Dahl unit at school)- sorry for being a teacher nerd, I've spoken to so many people who think it's a RD direct quote rather than a quote from a book. Knee length skirts/dresses are a must in my classroom! xx

  6. that chair is super cool. yellow and like jelly and you can rock babies to sleep in it? amazing.

  7. Hmmmmm I have to say I want everything on your wishlist too! That chair is cool! I really like the color. The skirt is also adorable. I don't even have a camera bag for my camera & that one looks awesome!

  8. Love that quote! and that wishbone bracelet. so cute! x

  9. Great list :)



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