52 Week Challenge: #9 DIY Dreamcatcher

Saturday, March 24

I've been wanting to make a dreamcatcher for some time now. I just think they are so lovely and 70's-esque and what they symbolize is also very cool. But the knotting and threading part always seemed so complicated. Then, I came across this awesome tutorial over at Lune Vintage, which uses a vintage crocheted doily for the center. How cute! I was so excited to make my very own because I had remembered seeing tons of vintage doilies at a thrift store near my house. But of course, when I actually have a use for them, I couldn't seem to find them anywhere. So, I'm keeping my eye out for pretty vintage doilies when I'm out and about. But until I find the perfect one, I just bought some from Joann's. Here's my take on the doily Dreamcatcher.
Here's what you need. 
Most of the materials are pretty self-explainable. I put the tea bag in there because I didn't like the look of the starch white doily, so I died it with a some hot water and a tea bag and I let it air dry. I thought it gave it more of a vintage look.
At first, I wrapped a thin strip of this faux leather I had, but the fabric began to fray, I wasn't happy with that. So I wrapped some multi-colored yarn around the hoop using a really simple macrame knotting technique that I learned over at Lune's tutorial. It looked complicated at first, but then I looked at her video tutorial, and some other online resources and I got the hang of it!
Place the doily in the center of the hoop, and tie four corners using a bow. Then stretch the rest of the doily using bows. I did this so I could adjust the tension evenly. Then I doubled-knotted each tie, and left the tails long.
I used matching embroidery thread to sew on beads and shells. And used leather cord to create feather tassels. I tied some corresponding wool yarn to create extra fringe. This project is great because you can really use whatever you want to make yours unique. I made one for my sister and she loved it! Happy Crafting!


  1. Beautiful. That looks so effective :) xx

  2. Definitely trying this out, my sister actually WANTS a dream catcher but didn't want to dish out too much $$ on one (the nice ones can get pretty expensive, or so we found)! And this is so pretty!


  3. What a great repurpose for doilies! Will share with Blue Velvet Chair FB friends today.

  4. I CANNOT wait to make this!!! going to buy the stuff this week!

  5. While your appreciation of what dreamcatchers "symbolize" is nice (it's not a symbol to many Native people), I think it'd be much nicer if this wasn't an object of cultural appropriation. Consider buying a real dreamcatcher which would help support a Native artisan and keep a culture alive instead of further diluting it with knock-offs. I don't mean to dismiss the work and creativity you put into this project, as it is very resourceful but dreamcatchers are sacred to many Native people (including myself).

  6. I love this! The end result looks amazing :)

    xo, Samantha

  7. This is fantastic. I know what I'm making for graduation presents now! Thanks a lot :) x

  8. Wow, amazing! Do you have an etsy shop? I would LOVE to have such a one!!

  9. How funny to find this! I made a doily dreamcatcher this year too! I love how it looks and you did a beautiful job.

  10. This is beautiful. I can't wait to try it for my new home!


  11. I love this! But where did you find a craft hoop? The craft store women just say "do you mean an embroidery hoop?" so I was just wondering.

  12. Elle,
    I just seen your post..Look in the macrame supplies, I have heard them called macrame hoops or rings, thats where I have found them and use them for all kinds of crafts..I do love this idea and will be making a few soon :)

  13. Hi! I absolutely love this. I've been adoring it for some time now. I hope you don't mind I made my own and blogged about it. I put a link to your blog. Here's the link to my post: http://liz-makes.blogspot.com/2013/01/liz-makes-dreamcatcher.html

  14. Beautiful! I gave it a go as well...

  15. I could not find hoops for my dream catcher project and I was in our recycle depot store and saw some old lamp shades. Some were broken and cracked etc. But, all I saw was a hoop! Stripped off all the old plastic liner and fabric covering...there it was a hoop! Many different sizes, left to die a lonely death. Wrap in old scarves, ribbon, it is amazing the yarn beads, fabric strips, wool, jewellery, etc. that you can find....and the dollies. So I decided to make dream catchers, I know they are not traditional native ones, but display beautiful handmade doillies out of every-thing re-cycled. You can give life to a lot of beautiful things and I find it very inspiring.

  16. What a cute project! I've linked to you on the FaveCrafts blog :)


  17. Nice sharing!
    Keep spreading good vibes, xoxoxo



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