52 Week Challenge: #17 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

Monday, May 14

I wanted to share with you a few things little I made for Mother's Day gifts this year. They were super easy to make and budget-friendly.
First, I potted some little succulents in small glass bowls that I found real cheap. What you need is a bowl large enough to house your plant, Small pebbles, potting soil, and any type of succulent plant.
  1. Fill the bottom of the bowl with rocks for drainage.
  2. Cover the rocks with a little bit of soil.
  3. Place the plant in the bowl, and cover the roots with soil. I made a paper funnel  so I could fill the small spaces.
  4. Cover the soil with some more rocks.

I made three more. However, I'm not guaranteeing that the succulents will thrive in the bowls. They don't need much water, and should be placed in directs sunlight like kitchen window. But, I figured that they could be planted in the yard eventually, if they weren't doing so well in the bowls.

Then I made these coasters for my aunt. Some of the materials I used were mod-podge, scrapbook paper and ceramic tiles. I'll share the tutorial with you soon!
Then I used some of Rifle Paper Co designs to make this card for my mom. I know, I'm a copycat, but I just adore their floral prints.
Last, I made this little Spring wreath for my grandma. It's a little hokey, but she's a grandma and I thought she'd like it, and she did. "Put a Bird on it!"
I bought these little birdies a while back, and was waiting for a reason to use them. So, I wrapped ric-rac around the wreath and tied it in the back. Then, I hot glued some faux flowers, and perched the little guy on the wreath. Easy!
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. So many good ideas! I really love the house plants! I'm thinking about doing those as gifts for the next few birthdays and such I have going on! So lovely.

  2. How adorable!


  3. that card is so cute! (and super pretty!) i wish i'd thought of the succulent idea - it would be such a great gift for anyone! :)

  4. why are succulents the best?!

  5. Thanks for the succulents idea - I have a few in my home but they were pre-potted. I'd love to do some in glass like this.


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