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Wednesday, March 28

Last night Chris and his band Blackwood Harvest played at an Ale House in Pasadena. It was a lot of fun. I always love listening to him play his music. We had a couple of pitchers of Stone IPA, and I had a cup of Guiness Irish stew. So good! Here are some shots that I took. 
You can listen to some of his songs here!


  1. I love their music, folk music is my favorite. Sounds like a really fun night. I love when my husband plays out too!

  2. Holy, GORGEOUS photos. Totally loving these, they're beautiful.
    Must have been a fun nice :) Watching people you know (and love) playing music is definitely something special :)


  3. you take the most gorgeous photos!!! i love them! :)


  4. i love these photos! especially of the shot glasses, sort of emulates the feeling of fuzziness and warmth after taking shots :)

  5. What great shots! It's so challenging to get pretty shots in low light. I checked out the music and I really like it! Keep us posted.

  6. can't wait to check out his music! your pics are amazing, and i lovvve some Stone IPA!


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