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Thursday, June 28

I'd love to have this print in the kitchen.

The loveliest bookends. More here

I've decided that I must have a bathtub shelf, and it's absolutely necessary for me to drink a glass of wine and read a book while soaking in it. This tutorial shows you how to make your own.
How awesomely delicious does everything on this table look?

I've grown fond of these flowers, the ones with the white petals and deep blue, almost black centers. I would love to know their name...
 ...and these cotton blossom boutonnieres are simply charming.
In an effort to improve my photography skills (which are honestly amateur), I've been trying everyday to search and anticipate moments of light. These images capture it beautifully I think. 
1 // 2 // 3

I've been easily wooed by girly dresses lately. Anything with a collar, a pretty back, or a high waist makes me drool. All these are from ZARA.

I've been using this moisturizer from Kiehl's for about two months now, and I just love it. It doesn't have any sunscreen in it, but that's okay because my makeup does. It's really yummy. 
Chris and I are seeing My Morning Jacket with Iron & Wine at the Wiltern in September, I can't wait! Here are a few of my favorite Iron & Wine songs. 
Hope you are having an amazing week!


  1. i love those flowers too but i have no idea what the name is!!

  2. I'm not sure about the flower, but they look like opium poppies (but they don't have the usual blackness at the base of the petals).
    This may help(?)

  3. I've been eyeing that tub shelf, too! And I'm in love with that Julia child poster.

  4. The flowers are white poppy anemones.

  5. Those book ends are amazing!

  6. Loving the print, the bookends, the bathtub shelf, the light photos (sooo pretty!) and LOVE Iron & Wine! I have discovered so much good music through blog friends so thanks for sharing this!x

  7. eye candy. thank you for sharing all of this.

  8. you are spot on with that print, and you have wonderful taste! I am seriously digging your blog :)

  9. I really, really, really like the print. I have a hard time understanding folks who don't like to eat. It's fun. It's tasty. It's delicious most of the time. Yay food! Your blog is full of things I like. I found you via Secondhand Sundays and now.... I shall follow you.

  10. That bathtub shelf seems pretty simple to make and handy! Although baths are a rare thing in my life. You should DIY a glitter collar and just throw them on with everything! I, like Jana above, found you through Secondhand Sundays and Im following you too! yay :)


  11. Oh! I'm your 400th follower. How exciting :)

  12. so, so much pretty in one post :)

  13. I love the pictures you have clicked! Amazing light shots. :)

  14. Amazing post! Especially the flowers and the photos of light are so cool!


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