Organize Record Collection. Done.

Wednesday, June 27

Since Chris and I are working on slowly packing up all of our things for the move, I thought it was the perfect time to organize our vinyls. I've been putting off the project for some time now, so it felt good to finally get plastic covers on all of them, all 250 of them. I spent a good while making a list of all the artists and albums. Eventually I plan to alphabetize and possibly grade them. One of these days. 
It was fun spending the day dusting off old records, listening to favorites, discovering ones that we forgot we even had, and dancing with the little girl. There's just something about the format that I just love, the huge covers, hidden posters, groovy artwork, the fact that you have to listen to one side and then flip it over. I just love the ritual. I'm so thankful that Chris and I have rescued so many of them from thrift stores, and given them a new home with us.


  1. Loving what I see of your collection! My own is pretty small in comparison but..hooray for vinyl love! [Lovely kitty, too!!]

  2. Haha this would be easy for me as I only have 4 records!

  3. I always love organizing music collections. I'm not sure why…maybe it's because it brings back memories while you're doing it and maybe it's because I'm a lot like Monica and need things in alphabetical order arranged by genre. :) I just came across your blog today and am Loving it!

  4. Found you on Pinterest and enjoyed your blog. Did you name it for your cat? That's how I named mine. Calico cats are the best!


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