In Wonderland: Surrealist Feminist Exhibit at LACMA

Tuesday, May 8

On Sunday, Chris and I headed down to the LA County Museum of Art to show his cousins from Texas around. I was lucky enough to be able to see the Special Exhibit, In Wonderland, a collection various works from Feminist Surrealist artist such as Frida Kahlo, Lee Miller, Leonora Carrington, Dorothea Tanning.
It's actually a funny story, well at least to me. I was really excited to see of course, the pieces by Frida, and had been meaning to pay a visit since it opened in January, but had never made it out. When we got there I saw an HUGE line for the exhibit. Immediately I was bummed, knowing that I wouldn't have the time to wait since we were with guests. I had missed my chance. Then a woman came right up to me, and asked me if I wanted one VIP ticket, where I would't have to wait in line. Chris and his cousins went and viewed the permanent collection, and I poked around In Wonderland by myself. How awesome is that?! I seriously felt so blessed. She didn't even ask for any money for the ticket, and I barely had a chance to thank her. It was meant to be!
The two Fridas...
Frida & Diego
There was this installation piece called Metropolis. It housed hundreds little toy cars that flew along these little road, diving up and over miniature buildings and structures made of found materials.
And I visited the Picassos...
We stopped by the Griffith Observatory to catch the sunset.
Hope your weekend was a lovely one!


  1. The Griffith park observatory was one of my favorite places to visit in Southern Cali! It's interesting to read about the female approach to creating art of the female body. But the hanging penis took me by surprise for sure :P

  2. Wow, lucky you! I love Frida's work, I've always found it really special. Picasso's too - I think there's an exhibit of his in my city at the moment and I've been meaning to go!


  3. wow, that exhibition is coming to toronto, and i wasn't that excited to see it...but now that you've posted those photos, i'm really excited to go! lucky you to get the VIP ticket...sometimes life is like that, awesome when you least expect it. :)

  4. How exciting! I wish I could be in California right now for the sole purpose of visiting that museum. Incredible. xo

  5. This looks like a fantastic exhibit! Wish we could have gone together. It looks like something right up Immaculate Heart's curriculum! Miss you, Lauren!


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