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Friday, May 25

I've been slowly working on a new layout, very slowly. So this is what a lot of my online time has been looking like lately, which explains the lack of posts this week. 
I thought I'd take a break from designing and  browse around for some pretty things to look at. That's what Pinterest is made for, right? Here are some of my favorites.

In love this home tour from Love Made Me Do It. The light-filled spaces and all the quirky little things it's filled with, just everything.
I want to eat every one of these little beauties.
This couple's portrait by Oana Befort is just lovely.
Bows, tea-length dress, and train cases. Adorable.
I've had my eyes on a pair of these in size 7 for some time now.
I reaaallly need one of these for the summer. 
Prosciutto wrapped chicken fillet with asparagus and pesto sauce. The recipe appears to be written in Russian, but this looks looks like it would be worth translating.
Lovely Liz Taylor. I don't think I've ever looked this glamorous reading the paper.
I honestly can't remember where I found this (if you have any idea let me know), and I don't even know if if it's true, but it's just magical.
One of my favorite songs from My Morning Jacket. It's sweet and uplifting.
Golden by My Morning Jacket on Grooveshark
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!


  1. Prosciutto wrapped chicken fillet - omg that looks amazing! What a fun post :)

  2. LMFAO the two little deer in that figurine, omg thats hilarious hahahaha!

    Fantastic layout by the way!


  3. that is such a cool book fact! i always knew there was a reason i loved old book stores (for more than just the books, that is). :)

    can't wait to see the new layout once it's finished!

  4. Love all the ideas. love your blog!

  5. FIY the recipe is in Polish and when I read it it sounded very yummy!

  6. Yes well I think pinterest is a must when you are working hard ... it gives you inspirational and the motivation you need when you are feeling rather sluggish ... btw do you design headers and such ? xx

  7. Everything is all so lovely! You have great taste :)
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