DIY Roundup: Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, May 23

Here's some of the diy's that I've been dreaming about lately. Right now, Chris and I are apartment hunting, and here in LA it can be difficult to find something that you love, that won't cost you a small fortune. So I've been on the lookout for easy and affordable ways upcycle and dress up a small space. 

DIY upholstered Headboard. This site includes a very detailed tutorial. I've seen a lot of  them out there but this one makes it look so simple.
Lace stencil table from A Beautiful Mess. I think this would be a cute accent on a smaller piece like sidetable.
DIY Room divider. This one is from Design Sponge, where they have a very helpful tutorial as always, and the cork backing is like the best idea ever. The places we're looking at are pretty small, or "cozy", so this would be a great way to create a new space for an office.
LOVE this eclectic garland. I've made a ton of garland, but I like this one because of the photos and keepsakes, it's really personal, would be cute in a bedroom.
This cross stitch wall painting. Now I probably couldn't get away with this in an apartment, but the design looks so pretty! Maybe just a baby one in the bathroom?
After I saw this I was so inspired to go out and find something shabby and paint it a super bright color. 
This refurbished wardrobe is pretty awesome too. It's embroidered!
I love this idea. I want to find an old chair and dip the legs in turquoise. Wouldn't that be cool?
Do you have an projects planned to spruce up your pad this summer?


  1. Love all the ideas. You will have to post some tutorials if you decide to do any of these project!

  2. I have three dressers and a shelf to paint for our new home, plus all sorts of ideas for art work.

  3. Oh goodness, your pictures are so inspiring. SO BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I hope you could post more like these! SO CREATIVE INSPIRING and BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Very good taste (as usual, I noticed that as I just discovered you), and very nice selection!

    I saw this lovely DIY jewelry display tutorial a little while ago, and it's still online:
    Hope my future own house will be as sweet as the ones you selected.

  6. The yellow cabinet is so pretty! All of these projects make me want to redecorate my apartment.

  7. I've been toying with the idea of dipping the legs of our hand-me-down white chairs into some funky colour. I think you should definitely do the turquoise!

  8. so no current summer DIYs for the apartment but we did just move in so i'm in the process of hanging up pictures and getting the last odds and ends organized - but this may have inspired me.

    just found your blog btw :)
    your newest follower,

  9. Visiting from craftgawker - what a great post! I have summer projects of a different sort, but this makes me want to ditch them and get out the paint! :D

  10. this is soooo cool! im moving out of home for the first time and I've been searching for great ideals for the new space! thanks a million :)


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