Friday, August 10

I apologize for the lack of posting on my part. I've been busy planning for the school year and preparing my classroom, leaving me with absolutely zero energy to post. It's really made me realize that I might need to re-evaluate how I manage my time spent on this blog. By no means do I plan to quit blogging, I guess I just need to figure out a way to juggle both. I've loved running Calico Skies for the past year, and I'm honestly surprised by how much personal and artistic growth I've experienced. I plan to keep this little blog going for as long as I can, I love having it as an outlet to share all the things I love and create, just as long as it stays fun.

Anyway, onto more important things, check out some new trinkets I've acquired...

Three little owls. I actually didn't thrift this one, it was in a box bound for charity when I rescued it.
Little golden book. Published 1986, the year I was born.
Another Little Golden book, 1962. It's illustrated by Richard Scarry, a favorite children's author of mine.
Another favorite Author/illustrator the late Maurice Sendak. 6th printing 1969.
And this little beauty I found at a small flea market for $1. Both Chris and I were smitten, he pictured using it in a song, while I plan to use it in my classroom.
My growing macrame collection. The short one with the huge tassel came from a Sunthrift, and the long one with the beads, my aunt found up in the bay area.
These weren't really thrifted either, but I had to share them because they're just beautiful. They belonged to Chris' great grandmother, and his mom was sweet enough to let us use them in our kitchen.
Have you struck any gold thrifting lately?
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. i didn't thrift it, but i did find an absolutely adorable honeypot missing its lid today, and am now using it as a small vase. your owls are SO CUTE, btw! high five on that save! :)

  2. I haven't thrifted in FOREVER, and I miss it! These are great finds - I especially love the flour/sugar/tea/coffee containers!

  3. That xylophone is adorable! I thrift all the time (as in shop at thrift stores), but I would love to go to a flea market sometime soon.

  4. I love all the items! The best item I got would have to be a 1" scale doll house that became a whole separate hobby of mine - so exciting!

  5. I love all the items you found! Theyre so cute! I love thrifting, you find amazing things :)

  6. Thrifting is so fun, like a mini treasure hunt! I love the flour/sugar containers! So cute :)

  7. that xylophone is ADORABLE. i adore flea markets and secondhand store shopping. nice blog, new follower :)


  8. Wow you certainly know how to thrift and find the good stuff. I'm way too impatient to be a good thrifter and besides, I don't feel like our thriftshop has many jewels haha. But I'll have to try it GOOD sometimes :)

  9. i cant believe anyone would EVER get rid of these things that you so fortunately found! - words from a hoarder, yours truly :)

  10. Love the beaded hangers!!


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