Monday, March 19

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was nice. Saw some friends, did some crafting, watched the season finale of Walking Dead, and hung out with the boy. I had some time to stop by a thrift store near me. It's pretty cool, you can find some pretty awesome stuff on a good day. It has a kind of mildewy smell, and I've encountered some pretty nasty spiders in some dusty boxes. But it has soul. It was my lucky day because I walked away with a few gems. Not with exactly what I went in there looking for, but that rarely happens.
Loved these matching "whiskey" glasses, and this little needpoint was precious, and I'll ad this dish to my countless containers for jewelry :)
Came across a bag of this vintage lace ribbon for 5 bucks! I love the mustard ric-rac. Now I'll have to find a use for them!
And I was so happy to find this needlepoint package. The yarn the pattern came with is so 70's. Definitely going to be starting tis project.
Some more sheets to add to my growing collection!


  1. What fantastic finds! Those pretty vintage ribbons and lace are just beautiful, the mustard ricrac is my fave too!x

  2. I LOVE thrifing! I need to do it more often! I love all the things you found :D


  3. I am *swooning* over those two pretty florals on the far left. So gorgeous!

    xo, Meghan


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