Monday, March 19

I finally joined the rest of the blogosphere, and I started a Twitter and Facebook account for Calico Skies! Why did I wait so long?

Well, at first I was only silently blogging, so I didn't think that social media outlets were really that necessary. But, now I've met so many new awesome and talented blogger friends! I'm loving how through blogging, I can share what I love, and connect with other people who have similar interests. So, I figured why not jump on the bandwagon, and provide other ways to follow Calico Skies. Before, you could follow me by email, or with Bloglovin, and if your a google user, GFC. But now...

you can follow Calico Skies on Twitter here
you can like Calico Skies on Facebook here

It feels good to finally come out of the dark ages. All I need now is to dump my Blackberry and join the iPhone and instagram race. One thing at a time, baby steps.


  1. Hahah don't worry you're not the only one! I haven't gotten myself a FB or Twitter account for my blog yet either!


  2. I liked your new FB page! Congrats to you, I'm totally still in the "dark ages" ; )


  3. Welcome to Twitter! Woohoo! Also...I love the new banner! It's great!

  4. I liked you on facebook! I'm considering getting on the twitter bandwagon... but we shall see. Love your blog!

    xoxo. -brittany

  5. Good for you!
    I'm still a social media virgin... Maybe I'll be inspired by your courageous self-sacrifice. :)


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