52 Week Challenge: #11 DIY Notebooks

Saturday, April 7

I've been really meaning to get all of my blog stuff organized. Right now, I have a couple of notebooks that have tons of lists, ideas, and contacts written down in no particular order. I can't stand it. Then I saw this wonderful project on A Beautiful Mess and I was just so inspired! Thanks Elsie! Here's how I made my own little notebooks using recycled papers.
Pretty patterned paper: I cut up an urban outfitters catalog because they have such awesome designs.
Scissors: I brought out pinking sheers but decided against using them.
Thick needle and embroidery thread
Various writing paper: I used yellow legal pad paper, graph paper, and lined newsprint paper that I use with my students.
Washi tape: Believe it or not, I just jumped on that bandwagon and got my hands on some wash tape and as expected, I am in love!
Alphabet letters: I used these to label my notebooks.
1. I folded the paper for my cover in half, then I cut the writing paper so that it was about 1/2" smaller than the cover.
2. I attached the writing paper to the cover by sewing it with a few broad stitches at the spine. 
3. I covered my stitches by overlapping washi tape on the outside of spine.
4. Then I labeled the notebooks with categories "DIY", "recipes", and "sponsors". 
I also made one for Chris to write down his songs. Maybe he'll write me a love song.
I was so excited to get organized, I started moving over and writing down new ideas!


  1. Oh I love this! I'll have to make one of these soon!
    xo, Tori

  2. These look great! You're so creative! :)

  3. I love these! So creative and pretty! :)

  4. That is a great idea! I can't wait to try it!



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