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Wednesday, April 11

Hope your all enjoying your week. It's been a mixed up one for me. I've been helping Chris with a project, and basically trying to teach myself to use a tablet with illustrator and photoshop. I took a graphic design class in college, since I was a fine arts major, but it seriously didn't even scratch the surface. So yeah, that explains for the lack of posts this week. But, here are some things that I am totally in love with.

I'm so happy to have found illustrator Gemma Correll. I just love her drawings, the lines, the characters, everything. So inspiring now that I've been playing around with graphic illustration.
This series I found over at A Cup of Jo, explains simple rules of table manners. Helpful and fun to look at!
This image is just lovely.
This awesome video tutorial by the wonderful Violet one over at Blythe Ponytail Parades. She explains the freelancing technique, as seen in this pretty picture. So cool, I'm definitely going to have to try this, instead of cheating with the blur tool is PSD.
DIY twister? So cool. I've been thinking of some different backyard games to play in the summer when it gets hot. 
How cool is this mini greenhouse? It would be so perfect on a balcony or so mall porch.
These paper bouquets are so lovely. I would love to make these, if I could get my hands on some pretty paper like this.
Found this work by Clare Elsaesser Etsy, and I'm in love. Her palette and brushstrokes, along with these these faceless figures off women are just so dreamy.

This one is obvious.
That husky looks so comfy.

I always thought I wanted a huge back yard, still do. But this awesome porch makes me think otherwise. How cool is that hot tub?


  1. Everything is so lovely, thanks for sharing!

  2. ah! that husky is so amazingly cute. i wish they could survive the heat down here in texas.
    (my last post was a tutorial on making a dream catcher)

    1. Great Tutorial! Thanks for sharing :) New follower

  3. That DIY twister looks amazing!
    Following, follow back :)


  4. I just got a bamboo wacom tablet in the mail and I am going to install the software tonight and do all that jazz. I have no idea how to use it either! If you find anything handy let me know : )

    1. Definitely! t can do some pretty amazing things. I am just barely scratching the surface. Love your layout!

  5. Amazing finds! I love those paintings towards the end, fantastic!


  6. All these finds are super cute! I saw one of those hanging chairs at Pier 1 and I really want one!

    1. WOw, this one is vintage AND overpriced. I will definitely have to check Pier 1 out!

  7. Such pretty images! It's amazing all the fantastic things you can find on the internet!
    I especially love the paintings by Clare Elsaesse. Wish I could paint like that!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Your awesome!


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