Happy Monday!

Monday, March 26

Recent acquisition. Love this needlepoint. It's dark and inspiring. Now I just need to find a frame for it. 
I was looking for some images to practice drawing in my watercolor sketchbook. And I found these lovely botany illustrations. I like the way the cilantro plant is dissected.
Totally random but I was excited to find out that my Terrarium DIY was featured in Crafts Beautiful Magazine. Craft Party! hahah
No biggie, but it made me smile!
Happy monday.


  1. Ouu exciting about your diy!

    I love botany illustrations, I won a tech design award in my highschool graduation and the teacher it was from knew me well - he bought me a large botany illustration book as my "prize" i guess :3 It's such an amazing book! You should post your drawings after :)



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