Five Things I'm Loving This Week

Thursday, February 9

Here's a few things from Pinterest that I've been loving this week:

This bouquet is so cheerful!
I LOVE this bathing suit. I wonder if I cold make this myself?
These amethyst earrings are so pretty and raw. It's my birthstone!
This vintage scarf is so cute. I love the show Portlandia, anyone else with me?
This DIY Tutorial shows you how to make felted elbow pads. How cute is this for Valentine's day?
Hope your all having a great week, I have some DIY tutorials coming up, stay tuned!


  1. Ahh my pin made it to your blog! :)
    Do you remember in hs when I rocked elbow pads with my uniform sweater? I think the heart ones are adorable.
    Those earrings are gorgeous, I found these yesterday on Etsy that I love:

    Miss you, Lauren!

  2. It did! I love your flower board. And I TOTALLY remember your elbow pads, such a trendsetter. And those earrings are lovely!

  3. *Gasp* I pinned that flower arrangement too!! I SO cannot wait for spring to come so I can have flowers in the house more regularly <3

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  5. Portlandia= GREAT show!

    and I also love those earrings :o)


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