Valentine's Day DIY Ideas

Thursday, January 26

Been thinking of some projects to do for the month of February. It's a busy month, AND the shortest, there's Valentine's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday. There's so many great ideas out there for baking, decorations and gift ideas all to do with LOVE! Here are a few I want to try:

This recipe look DELICIOUS
These chocolate covered spoons would be sooo sweet to give as a gift with a mug and some hot cocoa
Thinking of making something like this for Chris
I'd love to make some garland, this paint chip garland looks simple to make and is so cute!
But then there's this idea too
These DIY glitter jars would be cute to make, I love the idea of filling them with candy
This bunting is just so cute, I love the mix matchy patterns
I've been into making my own cards lately, and found these on cool ones Etsy and they totally give me some ideas:

love this one...
And this one
This one is perfect for me and Chris because we both love our coffee
Happy Crafting!


  1. Lovely craft inspiration!

    Pip x

  2. Those cards are so sweet!

    I love your blog hun, now following! :)X


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