10 Things I Dig

Thursday, April 19

1. Simple 
2. This picture from life...
3. These paper doll portraits by Jordan Grace that I found over at Maiedae.
4. I love this outdoor shower! Reminds me of one I used in Nicaragua. Ahhh
5. This pink peony mural from Katie's Pencil box.
6. These chocolate chip orange muffins. I just love that combo.
7. This fringe necklace from Red Velvet. I'm thinking of making one myself, but maybe on a smaller scale, since well I'm small.
8. This illustrated portrait of the creators of Hello Giggles. Have you checked out this blog yet? I highly recommend it. You might recognize the lovely Zooey Deschanel on the left, she's one of the creators.
9. Andria Lindquist. So talented. I would seriously be the happiest girl in the world if she photographed my future wedding. One day.
10. This bird chime clock. Chris just finished editing his senior thesis film, and this clock makes a small appearance. It was funny that I happened upon this, now I want one.
Hope your'e all having a wonderful week. I'm off to do some tutoring, and then after, a little movie date with Chris!


  1. #4 would be so awesome in the summer!!!!
    #5 is my favorite thing I saw today. I spotted it on her blog and was so in love!
    #9 is just breathtaking! :)

  2. I used to have a clock like that (though it had different birds for our area), not only was it nice hearing birds in the house, but it was hilarious watching guests reactions when they hear it go off :)

  3. i always wanted to have an outdoor shower too with stones at the floor!
    great mix!


  4. love to find out you like my work and posted a bit about me. your blog is so fun and random and entertaining! love it. and would LOVE to be the one to shoot your future wedding. :)

  5. I'm pretty sure my grandmother has the bird chime clock and its amazing. haha, great find!


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