52 Week Challenge: #7 Leather Bow

Sunday, March 11

It's been such a beautiful weekend here in LA, warm and sunny. My boyfriend finally had some time off, so we've been having some fun this weekend. We went to the drive in theater last night and saw a double feature. We stuffed ourselves with junk food and German beer. We saw the last half of the Lorax, first part of Act of Valor and Project X. Honestly, we both agreed the the Lorax seemed the best out of the three. 

Sooooo, I've kind of been playing hookie from blogging. But, here's a little something I made this week and I wanted to share it with you!
So bows are just everywhere these days. I've been wanting to make one myself, especial after seeing this barrette on Anthropologie for $18. Yeah right!
Here's some pretty inspiration from Pinterest...
And of course, the Gaga hair bow.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Chris' clip on bow tie... 
You don't need much to make a pretty little bow like these. Just a small scrap of leather, or faux leather, about 4 1/2'' x 3 1/2'', and a narrow strip about 1''x 3''. I didn't have any leather, and I didn't feel like going out and getting any so, I used this bag that came wrapped around some rum that we had and cut it up.
You also need a metal barrette clip, rotary cutter, disappearing fabric pen, hot glue, and embroidery thread. Another helpful tool that I forgot to picture is a cutting mat, so you don't tear up your table. 
1. Measure and draw a rectangle 4 1/2''x 3 1/2'' on the leather, and cut it out as straight as you can, using the rotary cutter. I drew on the other side (suede side), so I didn't bother erasing my marks.
2. Cinch at the middle by folding the leather like an accordian.
3. Tie some embroidery thread around the bow to secure. Trim the thread.
4. Hot glue the end of the strip to the underside of the barrette, let cool.
5. Wrap the strip around the bow  and hot glue on the underside to secure. Let cool and trim the leftover.
6. Finesse the bow until it takes on the shape you like.
I had some leftover leather so I made another bow. Instead, I doubled the length of my rectangle and wrapped it like a ring, and then cinched it at the center.
Hope your weekend was awesome!


  1. Lovely DIY post. Thanks for sharing :) I love the look of the leather, I hadn't thought of using faux leather or anything other than normal scrap fabric so I'll defo be giving this a go. xx

  2. When I have long hair again, I'm definitely doing this! In the mean time, definitely making some as gifts!

    xo. -brittany

  3. very cool. and it looks so cute with that high bun.

  4. Love the look of the leather. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So following you! Loved it!

    XOXO Pippie

  6. You are so awesome! I just came across your blog and love all the tutorials. Especially this one! SO easy!
    New follower :)


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