52 Week Challenge: #5 DIY Stationary

Friday, February 24

I don't about you, but I LOVE handmade stationary. Here's my attempt at some homemade greeting cards. 
I got some new art supplies for my birthday, and I was so excited to put them to use. I just love mixing different mediums and working with collage. 
My lovely boyfriend gave me this really awesome custom stamp set that I had been wanting. You can write out any words or messages that you like, so it's really fun to make your cards personal. Just remember arrange your letters backwards!
I was also excited to use my new watercolors, also from my bf. I had some thank you cards to send out so this project was perfect. I was pretty pleased with my results!!!

Hope your all have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. These are absolutely beautiful!
    I must get me the stamp set! Where did he get it from?

  2. Those are gorgeous. I love the style you've created. xx


  3. What brand water colors are those? The colors are really bright and nice an I'm looking for a set.

    1. I'm using Winsor & Newton Artist's watercolor set. They are wonderful paints, and having the compact pan is great for traveling and for sketching. Here's a link on Amazon:

      They make a student grade set that is a little more affordable, although I haven't worked with those, so I don't know how strong the pigments are.

      Hope this helps!!!

  4. I love these! So simple and pretty. :)

  5. These are adorable, I love the one with the birds and the triangles. :) Inspired me to get painting!


  6. those are awesome! i really want to get my watercolors out again now. thanx so much for the inspiration.

  7. I completely agree, I LOVE homemade stationery, and I love the cards you made! Also, thanks so much for the link to your adorable stamp pad! I've been looking for something like that, and I just ordered one from your link! ;)

  8. This is wonderful!!! I so so love it! I love stationery too!!

  9. I had to get a set for myself when I saw this post of yours! Unfortunately I couldn't find the same that would also ship to Europe. You can see it here: http://www.tamarasblend.com/2012/07/stamps.html


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