52 Week Challenge: #2 Sweetheart Garland

Sunday, January 29

Here's how to make a cute felt heart garland for Valentine's day. Garland is so cute to hang around the house, in a window, or against a wall. but I thought this sweetheart garland would be cute in the boudoir above the bed, since it is the month of love.
Supplies: Felt in assorted colors, craft thread, embroidery needle, disappearing fabric pen, cardboard for stencil, and a pair of good scissors.
1. Using the fabric marker, trace about 6-10 hearts, you can always add more later.
2. Put on a Netflix show,  get comfy on the couch, and cut out your hearts using a sharp pair of scissors.
3. Erase your marks with water, and flatten them with a warm iron if they are all bent up like mine were.
4. Use a running stitch to connect the hearts, make sure you are stringing them in the same direction. 
Hang it up in your room, and give your Valentine a smooch!


  1. Hiya, I came across your blog from over on Miss Indie's page. Cute blog and such nice tutorials. New follower! Annie xx


  2. Love it!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I have linked it in my blog.
    Feel free to visit it.



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