This past week or so has been pretty busy. I celebrated my birthday, we did Valentine's, and we went away for our anniversary.  Doesn't leave a ton of time for blogging. So, I'm playing catch up and sharing some pictures from recent travels and festivities. 
Chris and I drove up to Solvang, CA. It's a little Dutch inspired town, really cute. 
We could walk to all the restaurants and stores from our hotel. The little bakeries and cafes and of course windmills, really brought back some memories from our trip to Amsterdam last summer.
Oh yeah, and the beer.
Since we were in wine country, of course we did some tasting. Chris brought me to this really pretty vineyard where we had a tasting with snack, and a tour of the winery. We felt pretty sophisticated, ha.
We ended our mini-trip by watching the sunset on the beach in Santa Barbara. 
A Valentine's card I made for Chris <3

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. hey there:) new to your blog and it's lovely:) i especially like the photo effect with the palm tree with the sign that ays "101 south", How were you able to add that effect? i've been wanting to know but i've never been successful in figuring it out:)

    1. Thanks!! I got the effect by using a preset from the application "Toy Camera Analogcolor." It's great, check it out!!

  2. These photos are all lovely! I love the coloring! Looks like it was a great little excursion!


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